Source Code Protection Pro

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Source Code Protection Pro is a simple and effective plugin that uses to prevent common techniques in protecting your code from being stolen.

Many of the general content copy methods (via mouse, keyboard and browser), like right-click, image drag/drop/save, text selection/drag/drop, source code view, and keyboard copy shortcut keys such as CTRL+ A,CTRL+ C,CTRL+ X,CTRL+ U,CTRL+ S and CTRL+P are disabled with this plugin.


Disable the following keys CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X,CTRL+S or CTRL+V.
No one can right click images on your site.
Enable right click and allow to open link in new tab with custom context menu only for (links).

Once purchase the plugin, you can use plugin in multiple website.

Additional custom code support

No refund



    This is a simple and powerful tool that we recommend to enhance the security of your source code!
    Easy to use and almost no settings required.
    We are proud to have chosen it and highly recommend it !!

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